Sales conditions


To order and buy an item, you have to pay first, then the ordered items will be delivered by the exhibitors, who's invoices you will receive with the delivery of your order. You must be an adult of at least 18 years to buy items on

Conditions for sales items

Each exhibited object or product has its own sales, guarantee and delivery conditions, according to the rules established by the manufacturers / exhibitors themselves.

All goods available for sale include the delivery cost within the European Union and the Spanish VAT.

Downloadable products do not have any transport costs other than the used bandwidth for the corresponding download, depending on the contract you may have with your Internet service provider (ISP). You ISP may charge you a fee for the data volume.

Item availability

To work in a sustainable and environmental friendly manner, some exhibitors do not keep items on stock to save natural resources.
There may be exhibited items which are produced on demand after payment, which may cause delivery delays which are communicated on the item's details page.

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All corresponding details are displayed in the information section on each exhibited item's page.