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  • A. N. Poertner

    Since 1996 A. N. Poertner works exclusively as free painter and artist. With few exceptions, she doesn't assign titles to her paintings, in order to not influence the associations of the viewer. She lives with her husband and her daughter in Munich - together with her three cats and a dog.

  • Cristina Souza

    See paintings of tango scenes and landscape paintings painted by Cristina Souza, an Uruguayan painter living next to Barcelona, Spain.

  • Diego Paqué

    Diego Paqué is an in Barcelona, Spain living author, musician and composer who infuses genuine Flamenco until world music into his multidisciplinary art.

  • Gudrun Pigge

    In Gudrun Pigge's photographs we find impressions from our environment in its most original form: Nature. The myopic dimension points out the colorfulness and beauty of natural form. In an intimate way we discover the diversity of miniature worlds. You can clearly recognize the clarity and strength that is inherent in the finest, most fragile elements. The camera dives into a macro-cosmos that surrounds us every day and which gives us the opportunity to be enchanted with all our senses again and again.

  • Iván Sáinz-Pardo

    Iván Sáinz-Pardo (Madrid, 1972) is licensed in direction of cinema and television by the prestigious School of Cinema of Munich (HFF München). Some of his leisure time is dedicated to creative photography.

  • Jesús Borra Arto

    Jesús Borra Arto is a Spanish sculptor born 1976 in Zaragoza, who decided to embark a new life in Barcelona, where he came into contact with the world of art in the year 2005. Before he worked ten years in metal workshops. He took drawing and painting courses, and set up his first workshop in the hall "La Escocesa", where his first iron sculptures were born.

  • Karen Zettelmeyer

    "A photograph is much more than a visual impression. There is a soul in every photograph. It stimulates the imagination, awakens emotions, memories and dreams and has got the power to carry the transcience of the moment into eternity”, sais Karen Zettelmeyer, who is in the process of reinventing herself after having turned her back on the treadmill of life.

  • Manuel Guirado Martínez

    Manuel Guirado Martínez,
    born 1958 in Barcelona, active as Painter and Graphic Designer.

  • Manuel Vicedo

    Manuel Vicedo is professional journalist and photographer for passion. When he gets the camera and looks through the viewfinder, he tries to capture the soul of things.

  • O. Marcel Aulenbacher

    O. Marcel Aulenbacher, born in the county of Aachen, Germany, developed his interest for art already in his early childhood drawing and sculpturing with clay and wood. Art was one of the two main focus subjects for his German university entrance diploma, next to mathematics and social sciences.

  • Shui Mao

    My name is Hugo Palomares Fava, I am a Spanish painter with Italian origins. My childhood took place in all the museums of Europe, listening to classical music and painting and painting and painting. I have always painted for myself, as an asylum, and those moments have always been the ones in which I find myself and I feel happy.

Showing 1 - 12 of 13 items